Owner Testimonials

“Professionalism and Exceptional Service at All County Property Management”

Chris E.

“Mike put together a team of Responsive, Attentive & Professionals at All County Property Management”

Glenn W.

“Integrity and Honesty are All County Property Management’s most important attributes”

Bob D.

Mike is one of those rare sales executives who is not only driven, knowledgeable and successful, but also liked and respected by both his peers and his support staff. We missed him when he left -- great reps like Mike are hard to find!


Mike is a detailed oriented sales manager. He is someone you can trust when conducting business with him. I consider Mike not only a professional sales manager, but also a friend.

Fred R.

Mike was the first person I ever contacted at Goddard. From our first conversation he was extremely helpful, patient, professional and knowledgeable about the Goddard Franchise. He guided us through a very big descision and as a result today we have two Goddard franchises. It was a blessing to work with Mike. He is a great assett to any company he works for.

David O.

Mike, in the role of Franchise Development Manager at Goddard Systems, was my first personal and professional impression of Goddard Systems, Inc when I was exploring new and different business opportunities. My background at the time was in Corporate 500 companies and I found that Mike was the epitome of professionalism when we first met. He was highly knowledgeable about the franchise, honest and forthright, and very smart about how to interact with me. He listened as much as he spoke and developed a strong repoire with me at that first meeting and in every subsequent interaction that we've had.

Jim W.